Starbox – Rating stars for prototype

Nick Stakenburg (creator of Prototip) has just submitted a new project to Scripteka. “Starbox” is a Prototype based rating system, allowing you to easily create all kinds of rating boxes using just one image. Additionally, you can use Script.aculo.us to add effects.

The Starbox rating system is a new interactive feature which allows users to submit their own rating towards a particular subject. This system is ideal for a majority of websites who wish to include a rating system, which promotes the interactivity and feedback of users. The Starbox rating system is particularly useful for websites such as Amazon, where people can write their own review based on an item.

Starbox is not the first rating system to be created for Prototype and there are other more mature choices available on Scripteka including Rater 2.0, which allows for more customisation of the rating control but has larger overheads. You might also want to check out Control.Rating, especially if you are using other components of Control Suite from LivePipe. Personally, I like the look of Starbox and if it is as simple to use, cleanly coded and well defined as Prototip it will be my rating system of choice if I ever find the need to use one.

I recommend subscribing to the Scripteka feed, as I am sure it will become a valuable resource when looking for new extensions based on Prototype.

For downloads, interactive demos and more, see Starbox by Nick Stakenburg.

  • chucknorris

    the script is great, but implementation is about as straightforward as building a rocket

  • Tim

    Agree with chuck! Very nice script but NOT for ajax/php/mysql newbies i’ve been looking for some half decent tutorials on Starbox for the best of 3 months! His lack lusture “tutorial section” on his site leaves much to be desired!

  • Vinzent

    I agree. He should prepare better tutorial.

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