Nofollow on WordPress Comments Still?

I have only just noticed that comments on this WordPress blog have rel=”nofollow” set as default. I believe that if someone is willing to contribute to a blog by commenting then the least they deserve is an inlink to their site.

A quick search shows that this is the default for all WordPress installations. The main reason seems to be to dissuade spamming. However, with the new Akismet anti-spam plugin I have never seen one spam comment get through the net. Is it time for WordPress to change the default setting and give commenters at least a bit of recognition?

Nofollow Free

I don’t see the reason for nofollow and I am more than willing to give people some recognition for commenting on my blog. Bloggers should encourage quality comments as much as possible. For this reason I have installed the Nofollow Case by Case plugin to remove nofollow from links by default and this blog is now nofollow free.

Is there a reason?

Have I missed the real reason for nofollow on comments? Is it time for WordPress to change the default setting? Are commenters more inclined to comment on a blog that doesn’t use nofollow?

Feel free to give your opinions and correct me if I am wrong, there is a little bit on link juice in it for you! 🙂

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