We’ve built numerous Control Management System modules over the last couple of years, using the MEAN stack. These are available to buy as a package, or separately.

CMS Features:

1. Booking System (can perform block bookings, change booking prices, manage slots for booking availability, etc).
2. Customer Details Registry (allowing you to capture, store and display customer data).
3. League Creation & Management System (great for sports).
4. Fixtures System (again, great for sports).

Mobile Specific CMS Features:

1. Messaging System – This allows uses to send targeted messages to customers (whose data has been captured) based on the criteria that the user defines.

2. App Content System – App content (images and text, with HTML editing) is controlled by the CMS. To add new/different content to the app, you can just go into the backend CMS and change it – far easier and far more useful than having another app release to change content!