branding / package / mobile / backend

This was a multi-page hybrid messaging app built using Ionic and AngularJS, requested by a large regional college.

App pages/features:

1. Newsfeed – A page that pulls in, displays, and combines all Twitter and Facebook posts, in chronological order.
2. Photofeed – A page that pulls in Flickr and Instagram photos, and displays them chronologically.
3. Messages – A page that displays all messages sent to that particular set of students. This is controlled by a backend CMS we developed, also for this project.
4. Map – An interactive map layout of the entire college. Has scroll/pinch-to-zoom features, and also there are hotspot areas, so students can tap on a specific building and see information and photos relating to it.
5. Courses – A page where students can select a course and read details about it. The course content is entirely controlled by the backend CMS.
6. Tutors – A page where students can select a tutor and read details about them. Again, the tutor content is entirely controlled by the backend CMS.

In addition to the app, we created a backend CMS (as mentioned above) to control messaging and some of the app content.

CMS features:

1. Messaging – This allows tutors to send targeted messages to students based on the criteria that the tutor defines. e.g. A tutor might want to send a message to a prospective (or current) student, that comes from a particular school and is interested in a particular subject. So, they’ll select this criteria in the backend CMS, compose a message, and send it. The student then receives the message on their phone via a push notification.

2. App content. Both the tutors and courses content (images and text) is controlled by the CMS. To add new/different content to the app, you can just go into the backend CMS and change it – far easier and far more useful than having another app release to change content!