branding / package / mobile

This was a native iPhone/iPad online-multiplayer, words and numbers game, written in Objective C (obviously). Conceptually, it was a round based game, that was a mixture of Scrabble and Countdown (a UK gameshow).

Game features:

1. Single player and an Online Multi-player modes.
2. 3 different round types: Words, Numbers, Anagram.
3. User profiles.
4. User statistics.
5. Player challenges & awards.
6. In-game messaging.
7. Custom game sounds.
8. Anagram definitions. Amazing!
9. Facebook integration.
10. Integrated ads

The game was quite a success, and achieved 20000+ downloads. We’re told that this was with NO marketing budget.

It’s almost a certainty that with some marketing, it’d have been a huge success.

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